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Firefighter Decon

Our products differ from anything else on the market, and are widely used by industry, the U.S. Government, and firefighters across the U.S. Hygenall removes heavy metals to help prevent firefighter cancer.


Firefighter Cancer Prevention

Why are Hygenall Firefighter Safety Products are so compelling: below is a bullet list of some of the highlights of using Hygenall products for cleaning and decontamination (there are many others).


  1. Hygenall Firefighter products are Full-SpectrumTM cleaning and decontamination safety products. They are designed to do everything regular soap and wipes do, but also remove a broad spectrum of heavy metals and oxides that a firefighter is exposed too, including potentially cancer causing heavy metals such as Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI). Hygenall products are designed to clean off hydrocarbons, metal oxides, dirt and germs, and should be used by all firefighters instead of regular soaps and wipes.


  1. Hygenall technology is based on a licensed patent from NIOSH.


  1. Third party efficacy tests indicate a greater than 99% efficacy level for the removal of Lead, the hardest of the metals to remove.


  1. Hygenall products never contain skin softeners, particularly Aloe Vera (very important!).


  1. How do heavy metals stick to skin and surfaces, and why doesn’t regular soap based decontaminating products work as well? Metals stick to skin differently than hydrocarbons, dirt and germs. Metals stick through a strong positive electrostatic charge. Hygenall products work by displacing heavy metals through electrostatic displacement, and then wash off like any other soap. At the same time, Hygenall products also remove hydrocarbons, dirt and germs, like any other soap or wipe.

Why Remove Heavy Metals

  1. Why is it important for firefighters to remove heavy metals as well as hydrocarbons? Hydrocarbons, which is probably deposited on surfaces and skin through smoke and soot, are known to cause cancer. According to studies from NIOSH, heavy metals can also cause cancer, and are also found in smoke and soot. Firefighters have a higher likelihood of developing cancer over other occupations because modern fires contain chemicals and metals that didn’t exist in years past. For example, a burning carpet can yield lead oxide, stainless steel can flash off hexavalent chromium, and other metals come from burning exotic glues, finishes, electronics and others. Even wading through flood waters in industrial areas can expose a first responder to many hazardous materials and microscopic metal oxides.


  1. The ingredients in Hygenall are naturally derived, and the fragrances used are safe, non-Phthalate, plant based ingredients. Based on years of study, using fragrances drive better hygiene practice amongst industrial workers. Hygenall products use light fragrances that are not gender specific, and help drive better adoption.


  1. Hygenall products are “GREEN”! Our wipes contain mostly sustainable wood pulp, and many of our designs are refillable. The plastics we use in our containers comes from recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. We do not use betaines, or sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulfate (SLS).


  1. Hygenall products are used by all branches of the U.S. Military, by industry, healthcare, aerospace (in 2012, NIOSH guidance comments on using Hygenall to decontaminate workers from lead and other metals at an aircraft repair facility), and retail shooting sports enthusiasts (in 2010, NIOSH recommended the use of Hygenall when using guns at the firing range).

Heavy Metals:

  1. Hygenall Full-Spectrum Firefighter products clean off a wide range of chemicals and metals including:
  2. Arsenic – From all fires
  3. Mercury – From all fires and, and floods
  4. Lead – From house fires, industrial fires, floods
  5. Cadmium – From all fires
  6. Hexavalent Chromium – From burning stainless steel products and appliances
  7. Cobalt – From HazMat fires
  8. Antimony – From all fires
  9. Manganese – From all fires
  10. Beryllium – From industrial and house fires
  11. Vanadium – From industrial fires
  12. Dirty Bomb residue, including radioactive metals and oxides – Potentially from terrorist activities
  13. Dioxins – From industrial fires
  14. Furans – From industrial fires
  15. Pesticides – From industrial fires
  16. Phthalates – From all fires, comes from burning plastics
  17. Plastic residues – From all fires
  18. Volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (such as gas and oil) – From all fires
  19. Drug and Chemical Residue such as Fentanyl – From HazMat exposure
  20. …and many others!
firefighter cancer prevention
Hygenall products to remove heavy metals and promote Firefighter Cancer prevention

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