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Source One MRO, Inc. Receives Hygenall Master Distributor Designation

New Suite of Firefighter Cleaning and Decontamination Products Available


Source One MRO, Inc. Receives Hygenall Master Distributor Designation


Published Date: 07/05/2017


Carlsbad, CA (July 05, 2017) – Today, SOURCE ONE MRO, Inc., announces authorization as a Master Distributor Partner for Hygenall Cleaning and Decontamination products, which when properly used, may help clean off dangerous cancer causing metal oxides and chemicals commonly found in modern firefighting environments.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), has said soot contains more than just carcinogenic hydrocarbons. NIOSH has said that soot can also contain carcinogenic heavy metals.

Typical baby wipe type products found on the market today are great for cleaning off soot, but not very effective on metals, no matter how hard you scrub, because metals stick to skin differently than dirt and germs. Under patents, Hygenall Corporation makes wipes, soaps and surface cleaners for firefighters that are designed to not only clean off soot, but also greater than 99% of invisible, microscopic heavy metal oxides such as hexavalent chromium (from heating chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, anti-corrosion coatings, and industrial processes), lead oxide (from burning carpets, paint, household items and decorations), and other metals including arsenic, mercury, nickel, copper, etc.

According to Russell Ames, Channel Manager at Source One MRO, “Our authorization to provide these important safety products to other dealers helps get these into the hands of firefighters faster.” Source One MRO’s new designation as a Hygenall Master Distributor allows them to provide Hygenall Firefighter Safety products to local dealers. “Since we purchase very large quantities of stock from Hygenall Corporation, we can provide discounted products that make sense to local vendors,” Ames said. Mr.

Ames went on to say, “our mission now is to sign up as many firefighter dealers as quickly as possible by offering early sign-on incentives, as well as product training.” Hygenall Corporation does not sell directly to fire departments, rather they sell through authorized distributors and dealers that have attended technical training on how to use and deploy Hygenall Firefighter products.

Hygenall FieldWipes™, FieldScrub™, FieldWash™, and ToxOff™, called Full-Spectrum™ cleaners, do more than clean off soot, grime and germs. Made under license from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Hygenall’s firefighting products are designed to displace and clean off cationic metals more effectively than common soap and water or “baby wipe” type products alone.

All Hygenall products are manufactured in the United States by Hygenall Corporation, and are made from natural “green” ingredients. Hygenall Full-Spectrum firefighting soaps and cleaners can be purchased on GSAADVANTAGE.Gov, from SourceOne MRO, or from local firefighter equipment distributors.


For more information, visit www.sourceonemro.com




SOURCE ONE MRO, INC., a woman owned, U.S. company, markets innovative safety products, tools & equipment to local and federal fire departments, as well as the U.S. Government. Our success is derived from our dedication to provide timely deliveries and top quality, brand name products & services at the most competitive pricing to the firefighter community. Extensive manufacturer and firefighter decontamination safety training enables us to provide current best practices for training and guidance. We maintain nineteen national distribution centers and are an approved Master Distributor for Hygenall Corporation. To learn more about Hygenall Corporation, visit their website at www.hygenall.com.

Comments and statements in this press release are from Source One MRO.

Contacts: Russell Ames

Laura Christiansen [email protected]

+1 (760) 419-7722


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