Hygenall® FieldWash 55 U. S. Gallon Drum


55 U. S. Gallon Drum

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Hygenall® FieldWash™ 55 U. S. Gallon Drum

What it is?
Hygenall® FieldWash™- Rich foam decontamination wash replaces regular soap because it cleans off soot, dirt and genns, Plus heavy metals. Does not contain EDTA
Offered in:
18.5 oz bottles
1 gallon bottles
Non-Rinse 2oz bottles

What it does?
Regular anionic based soaps and wipes are great for removing soot, but not for microscopic cancer causing metals, germs and chemicals. In modern fires, burning materials can emit metal oxides that stick to skin and surfaces differently than soot, they stick through a strong electrostatic process, which will not clean off very well, no matter how hard you scrub. Hygenall’s licensed patents and patent pending technologies incorporate the use of cationic surfactants for metal removal, which works through electrostatic displacement and then washes away metals along with soot, grime, plastics, germs, and chemicals including hydrocarbons and opioids…Hygenall Firefighter Products are the best FULL-SPECTRUM decontamination and cleaning technology available.
Firefighter Tested, Approved and Recommended!™
Fire Departments and first responder facilities can replace their regular hand soap with Hygenall FULL-SPECTRUM Firefighter products because they do everything soap does, PLUS removes heavy metals such as Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Zinc, Nickel and other metals and oxides from skin, including nuclear metals. Made from natural environmentally friendly ingredients and strong non-tearable biodegradable cloth. Some of our products contain a soothing fragrance comes from natural plant extracts, and our unique blend of ingredients leaves skin feeling hydrated, Clean, Crisp and Refreshing!™
Hygenall products never contain Latex, Parabens, Betains or potentially dangerous skin softeners like Aloe Vera which can cause cationic heavy metals and cancer causing chemicals to further penetrate the skin layers.

How to use:
Replace soaps at sinks in the bathroom and kitchen with the 18.5 oz bottles and place Gallon bottles in the shower for full body decontamination. The Non-Rinse 2 oz bottles can be used in the field when water is not available, place in your web gear on keep on the rig so you always have it available.

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in
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