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Hygenall Corporation Announces New Firefighter Safety Protocols

CDC / NIOSH Licensed Science Used to Protect Firefighters
Published Date: 05/18/2017
Newington, NH (May 18, 2017) – Today, HYGENALL CORPORATION, announces the importance of
using Full-Spectrum™ cleaners combined with new hygiene safety practices to help control exposure to
dangerous cancer causing metals and chemicals that are often associated with modern firefighting
According to the Firefighter Cancer Support Organization, firefighters are 40% more likely to develop
skin cancer, and 30 percent more likely to develop malignant melanoma, prostate, brain and rectal cancer.
The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), have said exposure to known cancer
causing chemicals often found in soot, may not be the only contaminate that firefighters are chronically
exposed too. Heavy metal oxides, such has Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI), which comes from heating
stainless steel, chrome, and some anti-corrosion coatings, combined with incorrect hygiene practices may
be powerful contributing factors to statistically increased cancer rates amongst firefighters and other first
responder professionals.
“To date, firefighter hygiene practices have centered around cleaning off soot with baby wipes, and
ignoring microscopic quantities of heavy metals such as Lead, Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic,
Cadmium, Zinc, Nickel, and other heavy metals, and possibly nuclear oxides at HazMat sites,” said
Michael McKinnon, CEO of Hygenall Corporation. “Regular anionic based soaps and baby wipes do not
clean off heavy metals very well, which leaves an exposed firefighter to microscopic quantities of metals,
and in-turn may cause dangerous health effects such as cancer.”
Hygenall FieldWipes™, FieldScrub™, FieldWash™, and ToxOff™, called Full-Spectrum cleaners, do
more than clean off soot, grime and germs. Made under license from the National Institute of
Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Hygenall’s firefighting products are designed to displace and
clean off cationic metals more effectively than common soap and water or “baby wipe” based products
alone. According to Hygenall Corporation, heavy metals stick to skin and surfaces through a strong
electrostatic bond and until that bond is disrupted, firefighter personnel can be affected, or even carry
metals home and expose family members every day. “Given the dangers of chronic exposure to heavy
metals, firefighters should follow new guidelines for cleaning and decontamination daily,” McKinnon
said. “A new mindset is needed to imagine that toxins are all around the modern firefighter every day, and
he or she must make improved hygiene practices second nature.”
To improve firefighter hygiene practices, at a minimum, Hygenall Corporation recommends the following
1. Station: Decontaminate and clean all surfaces, including eating areas, bathrooms, sleeping areas,
equipment, door handles, floors and walls. Separate the fire equipment side from the living and
eating quarters of the building. Consider wearing jumpers for one side of the building, and
removing them before entering living spaces.
2. On Scene: If you smell or see smoke, don breathing apparatus even if away from the fire. Further
away from the fire, wear N95 rated dusk masks and full breathing equipment during operations.
Decontaminate face shields, and equipment whenever possible on scene. Wipe all exposed areas
of skin with non-rinse wipes that are designed for heavy metals, soot, dirt and germs, and stow all
clothing items inside-out in storage lockers for cleaning and decon later. Refrain from using
personal vehicles, equipment or clothing at the scene. Avoid using anything that is used in the
mouth, e.g. whistles.
3. Post Scene: Clean and decon all exposed equipment, vehicles, and safety gear. Use separate
storage bins for contaminated, and cleaned items. Wipe down radios, truck interiors, etc. Shower
using Full Spectrum soaps that are designed for heavy metals, and soot…avoid baby wipe type
products. If possible refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or touching the facial area before
cleaning. Do not carry firefighting equipment into sleeping or eating areas.
4. Home: First responders that are occupationally exposed to HazMat will likely carry microscopic
heavy metal dust home with them, and should replace regular soap products with Full-Spectrum
cleaners that are effective at removing heavy metals plus dirt and germs.
All Hygenall products are manufactured in the United States by Hygenall Corporation, and are made from
natural “green” ingredients. Hygenall Full-Spectrum™ firefighting soaps and cleaners can be purchased
on GSAADVANTAGE.Gov, or from local firefighter equipment distributors.
For more information, visit www.Hygenall.com/firefighters
Follow HYGENALL on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Since Bloomberg BusinessWeek featured Hygenall as one of “America’s Most Promising Start-ups” in
2009, Hygenall has worked hard to become the international thought leader in heavy metal
decontamination with innovative Full-Spectrum™ cleaning technologies that help protect millions of
people around the world from the ravages of toxic metal poisoning. Founded in 2008, Hygenall
Corporation has deliberately taken leadership in the marketplace by creating brands that solve problems
for people in several markets including Industrial, Medical, Government, Firefighting, Aerospace, Retail
Shooting Sports, Military, and Consumer Health and Beauty. Hygenall differentiates itself by offering a
range of products based on technology that was developed under critical scientific standards in
government laboratories and bringing them to market at an affordable price. Most Hygenall products are
made under license from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hygenall is
headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama with offices throughout the Americas. Hygenall brands include
Hygenall LeadOff™, Hygenall HygaStat™, Hygenall HexOff™, Hygenall FieldWipes™,
Hygenall FieldScrub™, Hygenall FieldWash™, Hygenall Industrial™ and Hygenall branded
consumer soap.
Amanda Dane
Hygenall Corporation
(256) 781 4486
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