firefighter cancer prevention


Regular anionic based soaps and wipes are great for removing dirt, but not for microscopic cancer causing metals, germs and chemicals. In modern day, materials can emit metal oxides that stick to skin and surfaces differently than dirt, they stick through a strong electrostatic process, which will not clean off very well, no matter how hard you scrub. Hygenall’s licensed patents and patent pending technologies incorporate the use of cationic surfactants for metal removal, which works through electrostatic displacement and then washes away metals along with dirt, grime, germs and chemicals including drug residue such as Fentanyl...Hygenall Military Products are the best FULL-SPECTRUM decontamination and cleaning technology available.

Military Tested, Approved and Recommended!™

Military facilities can replace their regular hand soap with Hygenall FULL-SPECTRUM Firefighter products because they do everything soap does, PLUS removes heavy metals such as Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Zinc, Nickel and other metals and oxides from skin, including nuclear metals. Made from natural environmentally friendly ingredients and biodegradable cloth. Our soothing fragrance comes from natural plant extracts, and our unique blend of ingredients leaves skin feeling hydrated, Clean, Crisp and Refreshing!

Hygenall products never contain Latex, Parabens, Betains or potentially dangerous skin softeners like Aloe Vera which can cause cationic heavy metals and cancer causing chemicals to further penetrate the skin layers.

What Does Hygenall Do?

When used daily, as directed, Hygenall removes lead and other heavy metals that may have accumulated on the skin’s surface. The wipe material carefully removes metal oxide from the top layer of the skin. The surfactant’s soothing soapy lather then carries metal oxide, dirt, and germs off and away from your skin. Just rinse with water for a clean, fresh feeling. Hygenall is not a cure for lead poisoning, nor will it protect you from lead in water or if you inhale lead dust. If you suspect lead poisoning, contact your doctor immediately.

Will Soap and Water or Alcohol-based Sanitizers Clean off Heavy Metals?

Soap and water will have a small level of efficacy, but not nearly what Hygenall products provide, and alcohol based sanitizers should not be considered an effective metal dust cleaner at all.


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